September 18th, 2010


Forensics Tournament #1 2010-2011

Today I judged in my first speech and debate tournament in NM. I had competed while in high school in upstate NY, and judged a few times during college breaks. I always meant to get into it again once Andy and I settled down, but I only got around to it after getting back from Oswego. I contacted the NM representative in May or June, when the academic year was over, but that just means I'll hopefully make all the tournaments this year.

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Although I had talked to the NFL contact for NM, I wasn't counted as being affiliated with any school since I had no contact with her school's team. That may not be the case in the future. The school which held the tournament turned out to be really close to home, and when the director heard I had done extemporaneous speaking in high school, she asked if I wanted to help out her students. They haven't had any extempers for a few years, and now she has a few who might be interested. I'm not so sure I could coach it, but she really seemed excited so I'll give it a shot.