September 2nd, 2008

Happy or grateful


Today was callicrates' birthday. He went to work as usual, which gave me time to sleep after my usual nocturnal stint of activity, which included the not-so-usual baking of a birthday cake. He's been opening one present a day since Saturday, but today he got most of them. He'll have one more each day until Saturday.

I made his favorite dinner and even remembered to chill the Martinelli's sparkling cider. When ljedi came over to medicate Sir Hiss we invited her in for the cake, sang "happy birthday" (which I started so that it would stay within my vocal range) and he blew out candles.

Aside from the gift-a-day thing on the days preceding and following it was a very traditional birthday party, and I think he liked it. Of course, I got the best gift of all -- him.