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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

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In-Law Visitation
Andy's parents were here for the weekend. Some of our best-laid plans worked out, some didn't, the latter all in the food front. Tom is incredible around the house, and he fixed a bunch of stuff for us, including the kitchen sink. Emily is equally gifted in gardening, and our rosebushes have never looked better. We were going to grill out one night and I was going to make chicken Parmesan the other, but we ended up doing a tour of local pizza places instead.

Emily and Tom also left behind food. Cheerios™, yay! The real score, though, was some frozen blueberries. Andy is going out of town tomorrow (well, in a few hours, technically), so I baked him some muffins to eat on the plane.

Last but not least, they gave us a gorgeous anniversary present. Emily quilts (understatement alert), and they go to a lot of art shows. They found an ornament with a blue glass dragon, flaming, within. Given that callicrates and I met while standing for a clutch on a Pern-themed MUSH at which we both impressed blue dragons, the ornament is perfectly apt... and pretty, too.

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