February 16th, 2008


The Nine (Ahem) Commandments

Andy pointed me to a Colbert interview with the congress critter who co-sponsored a bill making it mandatory to post the ten commandments in the House and the Senate. In a paraphrase of his own words, he could think of no better place to hang them than in judicial (remember, his own words) buildings.

Then Colbert asked him to list the ten commandments. Hilarity ensued. He managed to name three (steal, lie, and kill).

I then decided to try out my memory, and I got nine if ten (I forgot to keep holy the Sabbath, for those keeping score). While I wish I had remembered all ten, I comfort myself in the knowledge that at least I wasn't trying to make their display a law. And that I know the difference between the judicial and legislative branches. And that I can name a better place for them to be displayed. I wonder if that means I'll never make it if I run for office.