February 1st, 2008


Question for Divers/Snorklers

I've been looking into underwater cameras, and being completely out of my league, the best I've been able to do is sort by price. I figure it can't hurt to ask people with experience, so here goes:

Should callicrates and I get a waterproof camera or would a case for our current camera be better? Things to consider:

1) This could be the only time we need an underwater camera, but on the other hand there is a non-zero chance we will go on future trips with underwater features.

2) The case which looked best to me costs more than some of the cameras I looked at.

3) Disposables are an option, though I mistrust their quality based on extensive on-land use of them by friends and family.

Finally, those of you who do have experience with underwater cameras and/or cases for SLR/digital cameras, please let me know which brands you use or avoid. Thank you in advance!