January 19th, 2008


Anniversary Plans

April 11th is callicrates' and my 10th wedding anniversary. We're celebrating by going on a cruise which includes a dolphin and a stingray swim. The day we land we'll have an all-day behind-the-scenes pass for Kennedy Space Center, since the departure/arrival for the ship is in Port Canaveral.

Last night I made the reservations for the cruise and plane trips, plus hotel stays on both ends so we won't need to worry about outbound delays or rushing our Kennedy trip. It's still sinking in at this point; Andy and I mostly travel for work or to visit relatives; visiting friends is almost always the result of a business trip in the area. Of course I've planned cross-country moves before, but this seems different.

We had thought of visiting Disney World afterward, since that's where our honeymoon was, but Disney being Disney, it was too expensive. We had also contemplated a bed and breakfast in Hawaii, but swimming with dolphins and exploring a space center, well... Yes, we're geeks, even if I'm a wannabe at worst or an amphibian (the C.S. Lewis definition) at best.

Hopefully for a future anniversary, maybe one of the years not evenly divisible by five, we'll go to Disney again, or we might go during the off-off-peak season. And who knows; perhaps next time we have a big anniversary we'll be able to go into orbit; maybe even stay at a space station. Heck, I can always dream. After all, (severe insulin warning ahead) Andy is a dream come true, so I know they can happen.