January 11th, 2008

Happy or grateful

Andy Rules!

Not that I had any doubts about callicrates' awesomeness before, but he outdid himself this time.

A while back he got a litterbox called the Cat Genie which hooks up to your water line and flushes like a toilet. Just after he left for his current conference it broke. Being an appliance it smelled fear, and hilarity ensued as I tried to fix it with help from the tech support. Like, oh, unplugging the wrong water line without having turned off the water. Ahem. Anyway, the final call was for them to send a new processing unit. They sent it two-day, and it arrived a few hours before Andy got home. After reassembling the thing, I ran it through the diagnostics and got... nothing.

Fast forward to the half hour between when Andy got home from the airport and I finished making dinner. In that time he troubleshot the actual problem, fixed it, and saved the day; all without soaking the laundry room even once.