January 10th, 2008

Empathy or hope

Final Notes on 2007

This year callicrates and I stayed home for the holidays. Our tree was gorgeous and smelled wonderful. For Christmas Eve we ate at the Melting Pot (which was not introduced to us by Merliniel ;). Our poor waiter had the dropsies that day, though fortunately not with anything hot. We got teddy bears which benefit St Jude's and which ended up in our stockings as decorations. I decorated the house with the understanding that Andy gets to take stuff down.

Christmas Day was a lot of fun. It was sunny out, and so all of the jewel cases and such caught the sun, and Andy had way too much fun taunting Sean with ceiling birdies. Heidi and Sean were bemused by the balled up wrapping paper we tossed at/near them, though we caught Heidi playing with them later.

We rang in the New Year playing Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and had ginger ale around midnightish. We did not watch the ball drop or any of that. There were no resolutions either, or if there were, Andy didn't mention them to me. We're both happy that 2007 is over and we hope 2008 is somewhat less tumultuous.

Oh, and I'm still late for everything.