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Spam/Scam Me Sunday

My Oswego email account has been deathly still since the former owner was informed that her mail was not getting to her. The one exception was a campus-wide announcement about some moronic coward(s) spray-painting swastikas on a dorm. Today it's been relatively hopping, though, with two scams hitting my inbox.

The first began with "This is to notify the entire people (sic) of the University that we would (sic) be upgrading our server for improved service delivery in the next few days", and instructing me to send my username and password "in order to keep your account still active after the upgrade". It's pretty sloppy; they didn't even bother trying to forge the From line.

The other was probably a money laundering scam. It purported itself to be from, though the reply-to was a gmail address. The salient points were that it would be work from home, 10 hours/week, with a base salary of 1600/month and commissions of up to 6k/month. All I need to do is have an existing bank account and be willing to process payments with it.

Appropriate abuse reports have been filed, etc. I don't even want to think of how many people fell for the bloody things, though. Stupid scammers.
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