December 11th, 2004

Serene or contemplative


For the first time since we've been married, callicrates and I are staying put for the December holidays. This will be the first Christmas we've spent with Heidi and Sean, and we never spent even one with Gail. We hadn't spent one with Thena, either, since before we married when I was living on my own. I'm glad we're finally doing so, though I wish Thena and Gail would be around for it.

We also have our first real tree, which we got today. Andy picked out a gorgeous one, well-trimmed and fragrant. Heidi has already climbed in it several times; we got a picture before of her cute little head sticking out. If Sean has climbed it we haven't caught him. The tree has all white mini-lights and multi-colored rice lights which show up as colorful pinpricks of highlights. We haven't hung ornaments tonight because after dinner I was busy putting up decorations on the inside of the house.

There is a garland strung with multi-colored lights on one of the beams and twined around the pole which defines where the wall would be if there was one between the living room and the dining (more accurately, the computer) room. There is a longer garland strung with white lights which extends along the beam over the kitchen sink area, the beam which defines the area between the living and dining rooms, and also twined around the pole.

Outside we've put unlit wreathes on the pegs over the garage door and over the un-patio upstairs. The three over the garage (every other peg) are plain green with one red velvet bow apiece, and the one over the peg on the un-porch has pine-cones and a frosted effect. Our courtyard has garland with white and green lights, and the pole by our front door has a garland with blue lights. Andy thinks white lights in the upstairs windows wouldn't be overkill, so once I've hung them, we'll get pictures.

It has been new and wonderful being able to put nails in and not worry about whether the apartment people would be annoyed. At first I was afraid to, until Andy pointed out that this is our house. I can't wait until there's wrapped loot around the tree -- it's the Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) in me speaking there. And, since I promised him I wouldn't play it continuously, I get to play the music I grew up with; most of which I got in CD form on eBay last year.

Andy's parents, sister, and sister's SO will be arriving on December 25th for a brief visit. I'm looking forward to the visit and especially to seeing Erin and Owen again -- I believe we haven't seen them since last December/January. Now if only we could lure, well, just about everyone who's reading this, here also. Maybe we can get some people out for the balloon fiesta in October.