September 13th, 2004


Long-Delayed Update

Actually, there isn't a lot to report. I've been a bit tired of late, and I've found a new time sink. The latter is Final Fantasy XI, a graphical multi-player thingy. I finally have my character to the point where she can take on the same monsters as those callicrates fights. It's not nearly as interpersonal as MUDs, and what is considered roleplay (interacting passively with NPCs, mostly) is dramatically different. On the other hand, it is therapeutic just to go out and kill things sometimes, and I finally get to play a character who can heal things effectively.

Sean is now a kept kitty. Andy mentioned, on September 3rd, that he thought it would be very hard to return the little guy. PACA missed the tacit message I left by writing him in on the "adopted" area of the board, but yesterday Monica and we signed the paperwork to make it official. Now if we can only remember not to put glasses on the floor, we'll be fine.

Heidi is as mischievous as ever. In her annual vet visit the other week she was given a clean bill of health, with one caveat. She gets out of breath very quickly when playing with her feather toy, and Andy and I were both concerned. The vet has said to see how she pants. It could be very mild asthma, it could be what killed Thena, but if so an ultrasound would confirm it and treatment could go on from there. It may just be that she's out of shape.

I'm stunned at how much the two eat. Sure, Sean is a growing kitten, but they're easily eating double what Gail and Heidi ate. I've begun to think that Gail was in a decline for much longer than we realized, because it seems Gail was eating just the canned food, which was supposed to be a supplement only. I'm going to be monitoring Heidi and Sean much more closely than I did Thena and Gail.

The political crap surrounding PACA has gotten worse, and now about twice as many cats are in boarding. I've purposely avoided learning anything about PACA finances, but I wonder how long the organization can keep up. Then again, we do have fosterers trickling in, so maybe it will be ok. The other night a woman fell for two cats who just happened to need to go together and she is now fostering them. It's so nice when good things happen on your watch.

The house is wonderful. We're slowly but surely getting things up on walls, and I believe we're both in agreement that we like the open space better than having two couches or a couch and a love seat. My main concern is where company will sit, but we can worry about that if we start getting company who aren't just as happy to sit on the floor.

I was turned down again when I tried to give blood, this time because the people were worried about one of my medications. It is often used to treat something serious enough to be a permanent deferral, and they wanted to be sure. It has been cleared up now, so hopefully next time I can finally start doing my part again.

I have another diagnosis to add to the pile, this time from neuro-psych: Asperger's Disorder. I plan on writing a more detailed explanation further, especially since my reason for seeking diagnosis was more for the sake of various relatives than for the affirmation/confirmation it supplied to me. The condition is hereditary and not contagious, so those who've shared a glass with me needn't worry. I have many cousins and children of cousins who are approaching school age, when this is usually diagnosed. If I can spare them my experiences in school, I definitely want to do so.

The very short form is that I have problems with relationships, both social and spatial. Some wires got crossed or were simply never connected, which is why I'm a constantly-lost klutz with a better-than-average chance of saying the wrong thing, albeit in a grammatically correct fashion. It is mostly treated by means of coping strategies; trying to figure out how to negate the disruptions.

Other than that, life is life. I'll try to start updating on a semi-regular basis again, pending having anything to report. I'll also try to start keeping up with others' journals to a greater extent, which isn't saying much at this point.
Playful or silly

Fun With Ferrets

I've been volunteering at Clark's for just a little over a year now, and I have seen many ferrets come and go. I like having them around, though I don't think I would want to bring one home -- we have enough trouble Heidi-proofing the house. But I've occasionally named them, and I love letting them out to play in Kitty City.

After the longest stint I've ever seen, the final of the ferrets who just weren't selling were bought. Another albino ferret was brought in; I usually pet him on the way in. He was joined about a week ago by a dark sable-marked ferret. In the intervening days, the dark ferret has managed to escape somewhere north of half a dozen times. The most recent of which was this evening, and I was alerted to it by the sudden interest in the airlock shown by every kitten in the place as well as a cat or two. So, although the coloration isn't quite correct, I have dubbed the two most recent ferrets Pinky (albino) and the Brain (sable).