July 22nd, 2004


Last Few Days

Life is sort of returning to normal, for certain values of normal. I still haven't managed to get back into the (Clark's Closing)-minus-two-hours-until-they-kick-me-out thing, but I'm working on it. Otherwise we're sort of back on some sort of schedule. At least until next week.

Andy is going to Seattle next week. It had been proposed he go a few weeks ago, then his manager ran some numbers and found out she couldn't send him. Another manager decided he really wanted Andy along and used his budget. When she heard this, Andy's boss' reaction was "I foresee a trip to Elliot Bay in your future". Oh yes, she has Andy pegged.

I may finally get around to working on my gaming journal. Meanwhile, I'm playing an online game as well. We decided to see if I could handle FFXI as an extra character on Andy's account. If so, I'll create a real one and be able to play with him in parties. I'm leaning toward creating; it isn't as bad so far as I had feared. I quit even trying to play video games back in the Atari days when I realized that games like Frogger and Q-Bert were causing some blackout spells of sorts.

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Sean is not our new kitty. Andy isn't sure he's the one; Sean didn't grab his heart the way he grabbed mine. He may grow on Andy the way many of the PACA cats who didn't immediately grab my heart have grown on me (Dr Z, Captain, Sylvester). If so, we will do something I never would have considered before volunteering for PACA; adopt a male cat. If it happens Andy will also for once not be outnumbered by females. If it doesn't work out, however, I meet wonderful kitties on a regular basis and we will find our next daughter or son eventually. Any which way, for the time being Sean will probably be showing up in many of my posts.
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