July 14th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

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Yesterday echoweaver and her hubby returned home from a week of being non-com by choice. Their cat, AKA the Ebon Menace, hissed and growled at me every time I visited, but I am remarkably free of scars. Good thing he never felt inclined to beat me up, either -- Mom's evil cat, Noia, is declawed so when she beats the crap out of me at least she doesn't break the skin. Or rather, when she doesn't go into Cuisinart™-mode with her biting.

Soon after getting back echoweaver replied to some e-mail I'd sent to the gaming group and mentioned that she and hubby were planning on going to hear Ursula K. Le Guin speak. We rather jumped on that one; callicrates thought she was speaking on Thursday, which is our default game night for months with only four letters. The upshot was that I went to KC, then walked across the street to the younger sibling of the Chinese Buffet we adore so much. One of the waitresses we've met a few times over there was at the new one and she recognized us.

After Chinese we all hopped into echoweaver's hubby's car (Mmmmm, UNM parking passes) and went to campus. The lecture actually started on time and ended a minute or two early, and it was worth every minute. I believe the show was being broadcast live on the radio, at least from the context of several of the remarks. I missed a lot of the intro because I was not on time. I also thought it was really neat that they had two women taking turns signing (as in ASL) the English portion of the lecture.

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Since the book-signing is happening on default.game night, we might have the game today. That's what Andy prefers, at least, since it means we won't have to do all sorts of jumping through hoops to get the signing done while ending the game early enough for those who need to be awake and lucid on Friday.