July 3rd, 2004

Tired or sad


Andy and I are still around; I've just been procrastinating far more than usual recently. I'll do a separate gushy post on this later, but thank you to all of the friends who've made comments and sent cards and flowers. We got a card from our regular vet (whom we consulted via phone before making the decision) today. If I hadn't absolutely adored him before, this would have tipped the scale.

Gail's insurance may not cover most of the bills; I had thought they had a 30-day waiting period for existing conditions, but the waiting time is for illnesses, as opposed to accidents. If we could prove she accidentally ate some nasty kitty-killing plant she would be covered. I had initially planned to get both premiums back and put Heidi on a different insurer if that was the case. However, I'm still inclined to stick with the current insurance for Heidi.

The woman I talked to sounded really regretful that Gail wasn't covered, asked how Heidi was doing, and said she would cancel our policy since it hadn't been opened for thirty days, then she would submit the vet bill to the underwriters to see if they could squeeze anything out. If she'd gone ahead and tried to make the claim first we wouldn't have been eligible for the premium refund, even though Gail was ineligible. When we find a playmate for Heidi I'll probably insure him/her through the free two-month shelter care insurance and sign him/her up for the current plan so that s/he is covered for the duration of the current policy's waiting period or illnesses.

For the record, Andy and I would have done nothing differently had we known this wouldn't be covered.

PACA adopted out four cats today, after not having had a nibble for weeks, possibly even all of June. Medium hairs gray and white Q-Tip and orange and white Luke went to the same new home. Medium-haired gray and white Flattop and short-haired orange and white Mugatsu were adopted, though I'm not sure if they went together. Oddly enough, none of the adorable young kittens were snatched up. Luke and Q-Tip had been two of the four in KC; now short-hairs orange JR and orange and white Meeko are left. They also put a gorgeous medium-hair gray and white 10-month old, Cheryl, in there because she's being picked on in her foster home. I plan on going back to my usual KC schedule, modulo games occurring. Oh, and Flotsam and Jetsam, the two ferrets, have finally been sold. I've not yet named the adult and two tiny ferrets there now.

I have made yet another journal for one of my hobbies; catsafae is for gaming. Currently I need to do some five backed-up posts since I started the journal just before Gail relapsed. The second and third post will be about my gaming history in Oswego and Utica, and the other posts will be introducing callicrates', kushiel26's, and lowapproach's campaigns and my characters therein.