June 27th, 2004

Grieving or sympathetic

Plea for prayers/good thought/whatever

We took Gail to the emergency clinic today. She is currently in an oxygen room, about to get Lasix; which hopefully will begin draining the fluid from her chest. Although the numbers from the lab work weren't as conclusive as we would have liked, they do indicate that heart failure is the primary problem and liver failure is secondary. If that's the case, then she may survive; whereas liver failure as the primary would mean euthanization.

At ten pm our time we need to contact the vet. If Gail has responded to the treatments by then, it means her chances improve to fair. If she hasn't responded within twelve hours, then she probably won't make it. The vet will only be calling us if something goes wrong, so until further notice, those who have our home number please don't call it. Thank you in advance, and please keep Gail in your thoughts and prayers.
Empathy or hope

Kitty update

Gail is slightly improved over the last seven hours, but not much. She is breathing slightly easier, which might be the oxygen, might be the medication in her IV, or might be both.

Noone knows whether she's going to make it. She's going to stay the night at the vet's office breathing oxygen and getting IV fluids. We're going back at 7 in the morning. If she's improved, she has a good chance. If not, we may lose her.

Our thanks to those of you who have already written offering support, kind wishes, and prayers. We will gladly accept whatever help we can get, tangible or otherwise.

-- callicrates writing on willowisp's behalf