June 8th, 2004

Tired or sad

Slight Change of Plans

I had suspected that Gail wasn't eating, and last night callicrates and I confirmed it. We closed Gail in the room with us and monitored how much food she was given, and her little oink-oink of a sister was closed outside (with fresh water, since the fountain is in our room still). She ate nothing overnight, on top of not having eaten at all yesterday when Andy and I were watching. Her food dish is downstairs and we can see it from pretty much everywhere except our room, so the monitoring was more or less constant.

I called the vet today at 07:30 and got an appointment at 11:5 for tomorrow, then pushed it back to 11:30 because Andy has an important meeting starting at 10:00. The receptionist called back a few minutes later; the vet is coming in early and she offered us a 10:00 time slot for today. This is good because Gail gets seen sooner and Andy can work from home and not worry about bailing on his meeting.

I have no idea if Gail will still be getting her teeth cleaned on Thursday. I imagine a lot will depend upon how much she weighs and what can be done to get her eating in the next day and three-quarters. Since force-feeding most emphatically didn't work we have a new feeding strategy pending the emergency appointment: baby food.
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Gail Update

Gail's heart rate, temperature, <mumble> palpitation, and breathing are all normal. She's lost some weight, down from 9.4 to 8.6 lbs. Dr Livingstone said her gums are inflamed, but there appear to be no abscesses or anything else which might preclude all eating. He drew some blood and will hopefully get results back by noon tomorrow. He's testing for the usual (scary) suspects, all of which I hope she can't possibly have between prior testing and preventative care.

The teeth cleaning is still on for Thursday pending results from the labwork done today. I went to the local co-op and got some baby food as well as some milk-like formula for senior cats. I haven't tried the baby food yet but Gail took a few laps of the milk-stuff. Tonight while at Clark's I'll probably grab a container of the young cats/high fat or possibly even nursing moms stuff on the theory that she doesn't need to lose any more weight and probably is somewhat vitamin-deprived at the moment.

More news as events warrant.
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Adrenaline Rush for Today

When I went to the airport to retrieve my tickets for puppy.flight, the woman said there had been some changes. She read me the new times and such and I actually liked the return much better. Today I pulled out the tickets to e-mail mom the pertinent information, only to find the departure date listed as 16 June (I was supposed to return on 16 June) and the return listed as 21 June (I have no idea the significance of that date, save for that it's the same number of days from the departure date).

I called United and the really nice woman (I foresee a gushing letter to United) looked at the record, put me on hold for quite a while to confer with her supervisor, and then re-instated me on the original flights. I'll be getting home a bit later, but at least I won't get a really nasty surprise when I grab the puppy (now 26lbs) and head off for the airport.

PS: Gail tried both the regular-flavored milk substitute I got at Clark's and the white cheddar-flavored type. Hopefully between the three there will be enough of something she likes to give her at least some nourishment. Baby food was a no-go.
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