June 6th, 2004


General Update

Life is pretty much going day-to-day. Kitty City isn't closed yet, and is pending an actual estimate for the work. A bunch of the kitties have gone home, however, leaving only four: gray/white medium-haired Q-Tip, orange short-haired J.R., and orange/whites Luke (medium-haired) and Meeko (short-haired). Luckily they're all mellow, so KC has been quiet.

Yesterday callicrates and I discovered that the co-op really close to our house has basically everything we need week-to-week grocery-wise. This is going to cut down considerably on gas usage and time spent shopping.

Gail has been matted a lot recently; we figured it was her grooming less due to stress or having something sticky dribbled on her during the move. Then I noticed the canned food I give them each night has barely been touched; and Gail mainly eats it. I checked her gums and they're inflamed. We've made an appointment with the vet to get her teeth cleaned on Thursday, and I'm considering checking if Clark's has any feeding syringes and, if so, getting some to make sure she gets enough food until then. She also isn't really grooming herself and looks pretty ragged, but is drinking and using the litterbox like always. She's still her cuddle-bunny self.

The biggest event recently was that I got my hair cut. It is now shorter than Andy's; the last time it was this short may have been for my senior photo in high school, some 15 years ago. I donated ten inches of it to Locks of Love and got the haircut and style for the cost of the tip. The stylist was really wonderful; since the haircut is free and she had no idea if I was going to tip, she could have just evened up the cut where the pony-tail had been lopped. Instead she found a style we both liked and went with it, even though my hair was a bit too short for it. I'm not sure how often I can do this; once my hair hits the length it was it seems to stop growing for all intents and purposes.
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