May 29th, 2004

Happy or grateful

Fun Day

I got up more or less when Andy did. He culled several boxes of stuff and figured out where to put other stuff. I had been planning on having chicken parmesan Thurs day and Friday and beef stroganoff today and Sunday. Yesterday we met a potential new player for our game at a Chinese buffet, which meant we still had the chicken and pascetti sauce. I proposed making that for lunch and having the Stroganoff for dinner today and tomorrow, as originally planned. We decided to do so, then I sorted three boxes, throwing away a solid two and at least putting the remaining stuff into piles.

We had decided to see Shrek 2 this weekend, so I pulled up the schedules and we decided on the 2pm matinee. It was a lot of fun, and now I know where esmerel's latest icon comes from. I barely recognized Julie Andrews' voice, but I am still very happy to see her doing not just acting but also some form of voice work. I had hear she took losing her singing voice hard and I'd been rooting for her to resume some form of entertainment. I'm also reminded that I need to see the last movie she was in. She's playing a lot of royalty these days.

One of the things Andy and I did before we left the theater this afternoon was buy tickets for the noon matinee of Harry Potter on Friday. echoweaver will be out of town, but her hubby may come if he's already submitted the paper he and callicrates are co-authoring. If any other local folks are interested, please let me know.

There was a message on our answering machine when we got home. It turned out that echoweaver and her hubby were thinking of doing dinner and a movie. We were movied out but agreed on the dinner part, so turned around and drove back out to the area where we'd just seen the movie. There's a restaurant there called Tucano's which serves an interesting Brazilian twist on buffets. They come around with meat (and sometimes veggies or pineapple) on huge old swords and cut off portions if you want it. Salad bar is included in the dinner price as well. It is a lot of fun, and we spoke of many things. And, just to assuage dnabre, most of the meat we ate had originated on a sword.

After the movie the other two may call us, in which case we'll go out to Coldstone together. Meanwhile, I plan on doing unpacking/culling/figuring out where to put pictures (we can put as many holes in the wall as we want, muahahaha!) and such, and maybe do a few crossword puzzles.

As of Monday (which is, incidentally, my sister Pamela's birthday) the cats will be removed from Kitty City. Starting Tuesday they will be putting in new ductwork and full-spectrum lighting, and painting the place professionally. I'm a bit sad about the last; I really loved the space theme the teen volunteers came up with over the December holidays.

They have no idea how long the work will take, so I'll probably have to figure out alternatives to give Andy alone time for the necessary two hours daily. He has suggested that he may sometimes use the alone time to go out, which means I could do my puzzles at home. I also doubt I would have too much trouble spending two hours wandering around Rowland's, given that I've done so several times by accident.

I'm also going to cook the beef stroganoff tonight since it reheats really really well. That way if I get hung up while doing the weekly grocery shopping (or lost while trying to get home) dinner won't be too late.
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