May 26th, 2004

Happy or grateful

Sasha Update

My mom told me a while back she wouldn't be able to adopt Sasha, so I told Myrtice to put her in the adoption queue. Myrtice said she was going to go very slow between shots and spaying to help allay any problems Sasha might have (since she was abandoned at least a month before she ready to be weaned). The other day mom called to tell me that Uncle Doug and Julie might be interested and I talked to them. They were going on vacation for a week, and didn't get back to me before then, and a day after I talked to them they found out their son, CJ, is asthmatic. I figured that would be the end of that possibility. Two nights ago Uncle Doug left a message on our answering machine.

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So I'll be flying out on June 11th, using the free roundtrip voucher. Sasha will be under-the-seat luggage. I'll turn her over to Mrs Jevens and hang out with my mom and sister for a few days, then return to ABQ on the 16th. And even if Mrs Jevens isn't technically family, Sasha will still be more or less in the family, since I know where Mrs Jevens lives ;).
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