May 23rd, 2004


Still On Partial Hiatus

Just another quick check-in. Andy finished bringing stuff over from the apartment today, so from now on the main focus is unpacking or at least shuffling the boxes to where their contents would be most useful. I'm nearly through washing most of our clothes and dishes, and also sorting through clothes for those which are beyond salvation. Gail and Heidi seem to be settling in well and they really love the banco by the fireplace.

I thought I wasn't supposed to get the Arbor Day Foundation trees until October, but the two maples arrived on Thursday. I was supposed to soak the roots for three-six hours before planting, but on Friday things got really busy and I didn't get the sugar maple planted until about 30 hours later. I got the red maple planted this morning. I hope they survive. I managed to dig both three-foot deep and three-foot wide holes myself, with the help of prodigious amounts of water. I'm not sure whether to expect the ten blue spruces and the Sharon rose now or in October.

I may try to get my computer set up tomorrow. If I don't, however, I can check in from Andy's laptop. See y'all on the flip side.
Grieving or sympathetic

Sad News

A con site whose GOH was to be (honorary doctor) Richard Biggs has put up notice of his death -- no cause reported yet. It hasn't reached any major news feeds that callicrates could find, so I suppose I could try clinging to the hope that it's one of those "Reports of my death is greatly exaggerated" situations.

I was really surprised to hear that he had been going deaf as B5 was filmed. I was impressed when he used his B5 connections to throw a benefit for a deaf school, I believe in California. We need more people like him around -- it's sad that instead we've lost one.