May 12th, 2004



So I haven't updated for a while, but this time it's not because there's a whole lot of nothing going on. This time it's because I've had no bloody time to write. So anyway, here's a summary:

Andy has been taking a load of boxes to work each day and then dropping them off at the house after work. He's now pretty much single-handedly removed all or most of the boxes in the apartment, save for those which are too big for the car, those which need a large amount of TLC, and those which fall into both categories. It may finally be time to release the books from their exile in the outdoor closet.

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Yesterday was D-Day; D for delivery. Andy dropped me off on his way to work. I had been planning on on spending most of the day putting more of my fanfic on paper or, to be more precise, on Andy's laptop. I was desperately hoping I wouldn't be bored out of my skull. Then at 9am or so I remembered that there was shelving where the freezer was supposed to go. I went to our across-the-street neighbor and asked to borrow a screwdriver. Andy and I had met her before and she mentioned being into landscaping. I asked her about my idea for our 750 sq ft forest paradise by way of sanity check, and she said it sounded both pretty and feasible, though she thought 6ft apart (the recommended distance quoted by everyone, even the Arbor Day group, as optimal for windbreak/privacy) might be a bit too close.

The shelf-removal was annoying but accomplished, and then I decided to try to measure the courtyard to get an estimate of how much ground cover we would need. The little 12" ruler I brought was not going to work for anything over about three yards, so I measured the boxes and found one whose width was a foot long. Then I became possessed. By the time I was done I had what I hope are accurate measures of the courtyard, a graph showing how much turf we need after eliminating the sidewalk and porch and such, and an estimate of which parts of the house overlook which parts of the back yard. Because I really had no way of sanity-checking my courtyard measurements I just used several different overlapping goals for measurement; several east-west and several north-south passes (due to the curves) and several plant/rock placement passes. I think I probably got pretty darned close, although we'll need a tape measure to make sure.

Between measuring; answering worker questions; putting all warranties and receipts in one place; putting all installation guides and spare materials in another; and filling out every warranty card I could find, I ended up not even opening the laptop case and certainly not being bored. I also revised the backyard plan to include six blue spruces instead of nine, placed eight feet apart instead of six. When I mentioned the blue spruces and maples to our neighbor she mentioned that those were two of her favorite trees. I think I'll give her first refusal on the four I'll be getting and not using. Any other ABQ folks who might be interested in one or more please comment or tell me next time you see me.

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As noted in callicrates' journal, I'll be doing the stay-at-the-house thing again on Thursday. I hope they show up this time. I wonder if I'll actually get any writing done.
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Side Note

When I first had fake turf show up in my search my immediate thought was "Ew". I remember it being prickly and completely impossible to mistake for real. Of course it's now been some twenty years, maybe more, and technology has improved. The fake turf company has installed many playing fields for schools in the area, and their parent company has done countless golf courses and sports stadiums. Reviews have been uniformly good. Yesterday the guy came over with a sample of the most recent innovation.

My first response was... Ew! It looks a bit better now; in fact I can imagine with enough of it and from far enough away it may even pass as real. The blades, however, were still prickly. This is not stuff I'd want to walk through in anything less than soled shoes. It wasn't quite as expensive as we were fearing, but still there's no way we would go with it, especially since the courtyard is a small enough area that even the thirstiest grass probably would not drive us over the water limit.