May 7th, 2004

Happy or grateful

Big Day

Let's see. When Andy left for work he put Gail in the room and closed the door. It's so nice snuggling with her, especially since other felines who will not be identified like to lick noses and otherwise awaken Andy and me. I managed to get up fairly early regardless, only to discover my blood sugar monitor DOA.

After coffee I did usual Friday cleaning, much to my surprise. I even got the laundry washed, dried, and put away still in the am. A lot of times my usual Friday chores slip, making today a bit unusual in that regard. Andy got home before I had packed the dishes, but I did pack our good set to take over, even if it was largely ceremonial.

While callicrates' journal pretty well sums up the day once he got home, we did manage to replace my glucose monitor's battery, and fortunately that turned out to be the cause of its temporary death. I have a six-year warranty on it, but the paperwork is still among the boxes left unpacked from the NC to NM move.

Then Andy and I achieved the great American delusion of house occupancy. I keep wishing I could bring the kitties to see it, even though I know we should do it once, preferably after everything else has been moved.

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It would probably be a good idea to try to get some sleep. We haven't been converted to the swamp cooler yet (you can only run heat or swamp cooler at any one time, and the complex switches them over later in May) so the more I leave lights and such on, the longer it will take for our room to cool off. Not for long, though!
Empathy or hope

Sylvester Update

Sylvester's foster mom couldn't get him to the vet yesterday, but she said he seemed to perk up once he got back to a real house. She had him on ice (literally) overnight, and his fever broke earlier today. The vet says it's upper respiratory, which is common beyond belief in cats. He now has oral antibiotics and also some antibiotic drops for his eyes, which were still in pretty bad shape.

The foster mom said she thinks he just isn't cut out for Kitty City and the stress made him more vulnerable. Given the tangible hate I saw between Muffin and him when they were the only two there, I can understand that completely. Or, as Andy said, "Thanks, Muffin."