May 5th, 2004

Empathy or hope


Today was fairly routine if you don't count going to the house on a Wednesday. Since we were there until well after I usually go to KC he dropped me off there and then went home for the hour and change. PACA has a cage outside of the breezeway entrance to the city; it's usually empty except on Saturdays for adopt-a-thons and also when someone surrenders (a) cat(s). Today as I was going past something made me look twice, and I saw a pathetic bundle of black and white fur. Upon a closer look I realized it was Sylvester, the very-recently-tamed kitty who sat in my lap so much and came close to taking out my eye. His eyes had so much goop in them that I couldn't actually see them.

One thing I've learned since joining PACA is that warm washcloths are a good way to help ease goopy eyes. I couldn't find a washcloth but I did run some warm water over paper towels and cleaned out his eyes several times. He never really moved. I picked him up, which hasn't been too unusual since his side stopped bothering him, and he just hung there limply -- he was burning like a little furnace. A few minutes later he squirmed so I put him down and called Myrtice.

Myrtice didn't seem concerned at first; she'd put him in the cage since he was looking a bit under, but he hadn't been too badly off when she cleaned that morning. Finally she told me where I could find the foster mom's number and asked me to call. I did, and the foster mom sounded a bit confused and went to call Myrtice. While she did I went back to petting Sylvester in his cage. At one point my hand was near his head and he just rested his head on it while very gently kneading my arm. His paw pads were also burning.

When the foster mom got there she took one look at him and said "Oh sweetie, you're really sick". He let me pick him up and just sat there, dazed. Despite a third cleaning of his eyes they were beginning to goop up again. He struggled a bit when he saw the carrier, but when we set him down he headed into it -- hardly the cat whose handlers needed to use gloves to get him in. She's taking him home and will be taking him to the vet tomorrow; none who she called were open. She'll call me once they figure out what's going on.

She's going to try to place Sylvester sans PACA since apparently due to some sort of technicality he's not really a PACA cat. I'm guessing that paperwork-wise we can only have so many and he's being counted as a private, but it's only a guess. I hope she finds a good home for him.

I have only once seen a cat in worse shape than he was.
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