May 4th, 2004


More Random News

So Muffin mauled my right hand on Saturday after seeing Sylvester while I was petting her. On Sunday I was doing my usual 3-5 shift and around 4:30 Monica brought in a ton of cats. The whole month has been rotating adopt-a-thons under the umbrella of Animal Humane (which is not the city lockup in that they at least try not to kill the animals, but I digress). This past weekend was the grand finale at the State Fairgrounds and ran from Friday to Sunday at 4pm. Nine of our cats were adopted: Darryl and Friendly; Domino and Keo (yay!), Golden Boy, Max, Missy, Sarah, and Scruffy Red.

Unfortunately Sylvester decided to lash out at Muffin as I was holding him just after Monica got there, and he left some nice slashes on the bridge of my nose and my right eyelid. I got seriously lucky; a centimeter or so higher, if that, and he would have actually gotten my eye.

I haven't seen the house since Sunday, and I am trying to refrain from going until tomorrow, which is our orientation. We'll see how well this resolve actually holds this afternoon when I'm dangerously close and the siren call of the house will be dueling with the siren call of Kitty City. I figure if I turn right onto San Pedro and right onto Menaul I'm safe; if I continue up Summer to San Mateo or turn left onto Menaul, I'm doomed.

As usual, callicrates' journal has what needs to be done by tomorrow (in theory; I believe Pam can try to get it done between orientation and closing, and I also believe we can close with caveats that certain work is left to be done) as well as pictures.

Speaking of photos, I finally updated three albums. There are two sets of new pictures of the Paca Puppy (Pandy/Sasha), who has reached the venerable age of seven weeks; three absolutely wonderful pictures Andy got of Gail and Heidi cuddling; and some pictures I got of moonrise yesterday.

A week from today is going to be interesting. Andy will be dropping me off at the house while on his way to work. I won't have net access or a landline phone, though I will have my cell and possibly his. During the day our alarm will be hooked up, our free-standing freezer, refrigerator, and washer/dryer will be delivered, and I think I'm forgetting some other stuff. I'll probably borrow Andy's laptop since I can write without having a net connection and since our electrical outlets already work.

The interesting part will be that there is absolutely no furniture; maybe we can get a cheap beanbag or a foam futon/chair or something for me to sit in when not overseeing workers <FX: Whip-crack>. Or maybe we can see if we can order a bookcase or two to be delivered on Tuesday and I can spend the day unpacking books and/or media which we've already brought over.
Tired or sad

Random Stuff, Bittersweet

Darryl was returned today because he was a bit too active. Monica said that he and Dirk are like that -- they're two of the most affectionate kittens in the world, but they about the energy of half a dozen normal kittens. In other words, honorary ferrets. Speaking of ferrets, Flotsam and Jetsam are still around. It's the longest I've ever seen ferrets go unsold there.

I forgot to mention the other day, but on Saturday the man who adopted my beautiful Shadow and another really wonderful kitty from Heidi's time, Evian, came in with his remarkably well-behaved two young daughters. We spent a long time talking; it's obvious they adore both cats, and it's good to meet the people who got one of my favorites.

Andy and I had a long talk this evening. We won't be adopting Sasha. I may see if my mom wants her since she has said repeatedly she adores Sasha and that Sasha reminds her of our beloved Mandy. Plus Mom has said she would love another Aussie but they're too big, and Sasha will probably be no larger than knee-height, according to Myrtice. Given how long Myrtice has been raising foster puppies and given the size of Sasha's paws I agree. I am going to stop going out of my way to see Sasha now; it'll be easier to make the break that way.

Finally, a truly atrocious and even fatal Harry Potter pun which popped into my head. If you follow the cut tag you absolve me of any guilt and cannot physically harm me in any way, especially via launched pillows or veggies. I warned you.

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