May 1st, 2004


Another Day

This morning since I knew I was going to be at KC from 11-4 I recommended we have breakfast together. We broke our fast accordingly, then callicrates drove me to Clark's. I had asked him to drop me off so he could have the car while I was there, in case he decided he wanted to go off and have fun or something.

Kitty City was again a ghost town, and yet I think I have more scars from there today than from the past eight months combined; or at least deeper cuts than ever before. As I alluded to yesterday, Muffin is a bit... unstable. I have learned how to pet her and the few signs she gives of an impending demonic possession. Today, however, while she was in calm kitty mode she saw Sylvester. Sylvester tends to follow me around when I'm there and claims my lap if I sit. Anyway, even though he was minding his own business she went into vicious mode and sank her claws into my hand so she could pull it into her mouth and start the gnashing of teeth. And I had been so proud of myself for never getting my hand caught in a blender.

I got some writing and three crossword puzzles done and did an impression of a person with a lap so realistically that Sylvester sat on me. He's come so very far from last month, when he was barely a step above feral, if that. He still occasionally snaps, but I bet it will fade completely in time.

Andy and I went to visit Susan, our house salesperson, today. First we wanted to congratulate her on her new house, the one we originally looked at before deciding to go with our floorplan. She closed yesterday. We asked about blinds; apparently I misunderstood and thought wood blinds were an upgrade.

It turns out blinds aren't included in the price of the house, but the guy who made them for most of Symphony charges about what most people would for cheap plastic (or whatever). That and he custom-makes the blinds from the customer's choice of wood. Another expense, but we knew those were going to happen. At least we really can live with the furniture we have indefinitely, so it's not vital that we buy new living room stuff right away.

Also apparently our neighbors are eagerly looking forward to when we close. I didn't realize this, but the gates will not be open during normal business hours once the last house is finished. They will be closed at all times, and our neighbors can't wait for it to happen. I have mixed feelings about gated communities or the efficacy of the gates, but it's nice to know we're wanted. I wonder if we went to visit the house if we'd see neighbors rolling up their sleeves and helping the workers just so it definitely gets done in time.

What is it with kittens and skirts? Gail was fascinated with my skirts when we first adopted her but lost interest sometime before or doing the move to ABQ. Now Heidi won't leave my skirts alone. Oh well, at least she isn't into arson or anything.