April 15th, 2004


Long Time, But Not Much Stuff to Report

Our anniversary got its own review on the 11th. The one update is that Andy has said he finds it easier to breathe after playing The Journey Into the Wild Divine, the game I gave him as an anniversary gift. I'm so glad it's helping, especially now that we have a pretty good indication he has (thankfully early) stages of sleep apnea.

I completely spaced the Eric Schlosser event, for which I beat myself with my copy of Fast Food Nation once I realized what had happened. Fortunately I own the paperback.

The house continues on, and is more thoroughly reported by callicrates.

I did an even more bloodthirsty "take no prisoners" cleaning of the living room the other day. Not only did I manage to squeeze out more garbage, but I also put the important papers in their place. Gail and Heidi both tried to file themselves into the important papers box but were duly thwarted.

Kitty City has become more lively. Now that "seniors for seniors" month is over, many of the kittens (now teenagers) have been returned. Honda and Suzuki were adopted the other day. I still need to update the KC web page pretty drastically, like, say, all of March and what's occurred of April so far.

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