March 26th, 2004

Happy or grateful

Mostly for Albuquerque Folk

I attended the first day of the rock show today. It was very ferret shock-worthy and will be written up later in ferretshock. Meanwhile, I found out they have three-day passes for $3.00 (admission is $1 today/$2 Sat/$2 Sun). So, if any of y'all want to go tomorrow or Sunday please let me know and I'll tag along.

PS: They have a gorgeous wolf named Raven there. Swoon, I say, swoon!
Playful or silly

A List

Background: Today when Andy went back to the bank to get our latest statement notarized, stamped, signed in blood, etc, I walked over to Active Imagination, the local family-owned gives-back-to-the-community type of game shop. While there I went through a bunch of loose dice and found three pairs of d6es. Since GURPS uses d6 exclusively and since he's the GM, I decided to get the lot for him. We brought them home and he put them on the table. As I was leaving for Kitty City I noticed one was missing, but couldn't find it. When I got home and set the table I discovered that none of them were left, though I quickly found two. It turned out Andy had three of the others, leaving a clear d6 missing.

After a fruitless search including running a ruler under the refrigerator, Andy opted for some more alone time and went upstairs. I decided to pull the couch out.

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These things were all basically in the very middle area of the couch, as if kitty paws and arms which are thinner than our clumsy hands had pushed them in. I leave as an exercise for the reader whether they were trying to get the stuff out or push it further in. I have yet to find Heidi's real battery graveyard, though.