March 24th, 2004


Touching Base

In reference to yesterday's post by callicrates, today I rang Susan. She said that Pam had called her, probably within minutes of when I left, and was doing an inspection. She said Pam finished at about 18:00, and she figures Pam locked up when done. I thought they might be airing out the house and someone would come by to lock it, so maybe I wasn't too far off.

I went to the place echoweaver recommended, Baillio's. I was expecting that, since they are a small local business rather than a huge megacorp, that they would not be able to get the same mass-purchase discounts from vendors and would therefore be a little bit more expensive. I love it when I'm wrong in things like this. Oddly enough their prices listed on the web are very much higher than those marked on the appliances in the store, and if looking at the web alone I probably never would have looked since they weren't even competitive with Sears.

It turns out the one freezer I wanted didn't have a price tag, so I went for help. When the guy who came to help saw my printed-out version of the web page with model numbers and prices, he offered to make me a package deal. This wasn't a pressure sale at all, it is good as long as I ask for him in subsequent visits. Basically when all was said and done he undercut Lowe's by $315.00; Sears/Kenmore by $130 ($80 if they waive shipping) and the price match between Baillio's and Sears by $110 ($60 if they waive shipping).

But then there was the deal of extended warranties. Baillios' added up to $380. Sears' were a whopping $880, which completely puts them out of the running. Today I called Lowe's and they have a package deal wherein three 5-year warranties cost $200 and the fourth would be $80, making their warranties $100 less than Baillios'. Of course, this still means Baillio's beats them by over $200, and it wouldn't surprise me if the salesman matches or beats the warranty price from Lowe's. Add the fact that this is a local business and I try to support those and that they have glowing reviews from Echoweaver and hubby, who heard of Baillio's via word-of-mouth, and they have an extremely strong case.

Baillio's also does 18 months same as cash if you use their charge card. Probably next time we have to talk to the mortgage folks I'll ask if opening a charge card would jeopardize our mortgage. If so, we simply wait until after closing to open the account and hope they have a turn-around time of two weeks or under.

In other news, we got mail from Sofa Mart, which sold us our couch and whose partners sold us the entertainment center and bookcase we love so much. Sofa Mart is having a two-day sale for returning customers; 10% off all purchases and 12 months same-as-cash. As soon as Andy gets home we're heading over. We had figured we would have to buy our furniture piecemeal, but it would be nice to get them all at once so they match and all. I hope the set we got out couch from is still there; the salesperson says they usually last about 6 months. If not, I hope they have a set as nice, because Andy and I really adore our couch. I also wonder if Sofa mart's affiliates would extend that offer to us if we asked nicely.

KC has been playing musical inhabitants, and I'm expecting Andy to be home fairly sooner than it would take to untangle the lot. I'll try to update, with pictures, sometime in the coming days.
Playful or silly

Quick Update

We went and looked at furniture. They still have the same couch we do, still only in one color. They also had a sectional made from the same material and color as our current one. My big thing for our great/living room is that from now on I want to be able to have another couple over and have enough permanent-like seats for all of us. The sectional probably would do nicely. We also saw a recliner couch/love seat/comfy chair set which came in the same color as ours or more of a whitish. We're not going to buy now, however.

Mom always told me that brown and gray don't go together. Our house is blues, grays, and whites and our couch is cocoa-colored. We figure, though, that we can decide if it all goes after we've moved and seen how the couch works with the carpet and wall colors. Andy said he thought it would, and I told him about Mom's brown/gray thing. It is a running joke that neither Andy nor I are good choices when trying to figure out if things go well together. So I idly wondered if we knew any gay guys who were local...