March 22nd, 2004


An Update, FWIW

House news has been mainly taken over by callicrates, since he's talking to folks and finding all of the oopsies. Anyone interested in the house who doesn't read his journal should take a peek on over occasionally.

Most of my last week and this weekend were spent doing appliance and insurance research. I have a semblance of a page with our appliance options up here. Infuriatingly enough, Lowe's and Sears both seem to "lose" items on a fairly regular basis, then get them back a few hours or days later. Any broken links existed when I put this thing together on Sunday, and may not be broken next time someone looks. In consideration of that I included the pertinent info in the link names.

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In gaming news, we managed to liberate a village of Elves from the bad guys. Unfortunately our Dwarf was really nailed hard and spent the last session comatose. Meanwhile we interrogated some captured guards, caused one to self-destruct when he started saying things we weren't supposed to know, and all-in-all found out that we're basically doomed. We have at most one day to try to figure out how to survive the assault from the guards' very pissed-off and even more powerful cohorts.

Currently the only options seem to be fight, hide, run, or surrender or some combination of the above. Maybe some of the other players can come up with another option completely. Ah well, it's been fun playing, and hopefully the GM has had enough fun that he'll figure out a way to keep our characters alive so he can torment them some more. I can't wait until the next game, either way.

A Shining Beacon in the Night

I've been seeing so much crap recently which has been depressing the heck out of me. I realize it's the backlash which was going to come the minute anyone tried to make it seem as if a good number of my dearest friends had the right to be themselves and be happy about it. I sat in paralysis for a week wanting to write a whole string of philosophical views on marriage, religion, sexuality, etc but instead worked on finding insurance and appliances for the soon-to-be house. Then, today, someone posted in one of the Homo/Het groups I read. The minute I saw it my first thought was "snopes". Accordingly, there I went, and this is what I found:

Bette Midler did not, indeed, write the missive. Instead, one of our own, sleepysaj did in an entry on Feb 24 of this year. I would encourage people to go read it; it is an excellent piece. Then, read her other stuff. It's that good; especially the ten questions post from March 17th of this year.
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