March 16th, 2004


Mostly for callicrates, echoweaver and hubby, and emberflowers

The other day in a post emberflowers mentioned noshing at Evergreen, and I followed up saying we should meet some time since callicrates and I will happily use any excuse to visit said buffet. Emberflowers replied that she's happy for any chance to meet gamers, so when I saw them later that week I mentioned as much to echoweaver (the founder of abqgamers) and her husband, and since we've been raving about Evergreen they said they were interested.

So, do we want to try for this week? We probably should, for the moment, rule out Friday or Saturday. Between today and Thursday I'm available any time after seven. On Sunday, I'm available after five. If we figure out when Andy's game will be this weekend we may also be able to throw open Friday or Saturday. So, any takers?