March 11th, 2004


That sure lasted...

Actually, I had planned on not updating today, but Andy needed alone time, so I'm occupying myself.

Today we locked in the 5.5% mortgage rate officially, which means we need to close on or before May 10th to avoid being fined and possibly losing the rate-lock. We haven't gotten anything in writing from Susan yet, but given that she's the type of person who sends sympathy cards to customers, I have a feeling she'll back us up.

Andy talked to Pam (this time for sure), and she still stands by the end of April estimate. She did her punch-down inspection yesterday, and intends for the workers to correct all of the problems late this week and early next so that drywall can be installed by the end of next week at the latest. Once that happens, the general rule of thumb is six weeks until close.

This would probably be fine had we been normal people and gone with forced-air heat. The problem is that we went with radiant, and the first major delay in the building was a two-week one wherein they laid out the ground floor's radiant heat. They still have to do the second floor, and that after the drywall goes up. Also, the timetable is based on the weather being predictable which, to put it mildly, it has not been this winter.

It also makes life interesting because we really did not think it would be done before mid-May, and had been figuring on another paycheck to put toward the down payment. We may have to do some interesting things with numbers to account for this new timing. In a way I almost hope we get the close date in writing as well as the promise to pay the fine if we don't close then, and then I hope it slips to mid-May. The fact that Andy's first review is on May 10th makes me hope for this even more.

In ferret shock news, I gots new dices. Not the Dwarven Stones, but rather three sets which cost less combined than the cheapest of the aforementioned. Who knows, maybe my die-curse has lifted since I got my last set (10+ years ago), and this one won't be cursed. I'm not holding my breath, even if these dice are very pretty. It did feel weird not having the familiar dice pouch with me, so now that I have a set I should be feeling more normal.

In celebration of getting the new dice I printed up a character sheet (Memo to others in the game: Only two pages front-only. Who wants one?) and transferred all of Lyrilin's information from the copy I had given to Andy, since the notebook with her information was lost along with the backpack. I also found a backpack to replace the very old one I dug up after losing the good one. It may be a while before we can get it; see former paragraph. The backpack model name is, amusingly enough, "Book case".