March 10th, 2004


New Paradigm

I'm going to try posting in the daytime and summarizing the prior days/nights instead of updating in the evening. I believe I've tried it before; maybe this time it will stick.

Andy received mail from our out-of-town visitor; she'd come for three job interviews and to look for houses. She received offers on all three jobs and put in an offer on a house. This may work out really well overall; we probably won't need our apartment through July and it will cost more to buy out of the lease than to pay rent for the last three months or so, so maybe she can stay in our place or something while she waits for house-stuff to happen.

Andy talked to Pam today. She is still optimistic that she can pull of an end-of-April close date, and advised us to go visit the house and make sure all of the outlets and such are where we want them so she can do drywall next week. Meanwhile, rates are down to 5.5%, but if it takes over 60 days after we lock in the rate we'll be fined. Susan said we should lock it in now anyway, and if the construction workers can't keep to their schedule they should pay the fine. I'm getting some "Get this in writing" vibes, and Andy agrees.

Kitty City continues to exist. Yesterday Myrtice took Toonsie (YAY!) and Gandolf (sniffle) home and brought in gray and white Flattop and orange Golden Boy. Then Jill came and picked up her two gray and white guys, medium-haired Rutherford and short-haired Peter. Today Myrtice will be bringing in the orange basketball^WPeppi and a black medium-hair whom I've not seen before, April. Which reminds me that I need to update the KC gallery.

Since today is pretty and sunny I'll be walking to KC again. The mountains are nearly snow-free already -- oh well, at least we got some. Hopefully it will be enough to alleviate the drought at least a little.