March 7th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Mostly Harmless

Yesterday was fairly low-key, save for one horrifically cool cruel discovery. This one calls out not only to my gamer/dice and my pretty shiny instincts, but also to my love of gem carvings. These paragons of ferret shock, appropriately enough called "Dwarven Stones", can be found here. I am not responsible for anyone who follows the link and ends up desperately longing for some of their own.

Today we met a relative of Andy's whom I'd seen twice before. The first was when her daughter unknowingly was on the same flight we were, so she and Andy's parents ran into one another while waiting at the airport. The second was two weeks ago. We had a wonderful time showing her the house, showing her Kitty City, and then corrupting her with a trip to Flying Star.

After lunch Andy and she took the tramway up to Sandia Peak while I walked to Kitty City. This time I was sensible and wore sneakers (my boots are great for walking, but more geared toward walking on grass and dirt than concrete), though I may still end up with a blister or two. I'm putting much more impact on my feet while walking than the airwalker does. Anyway, provided we don't have another streak of precipitation, I plan on starting to walk to KC daily until it gets too hot to do so. Part of my problem with exercise is that I procrastinate setting the thing up.
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