March 4th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Busy Day

I more or less got up when Andy did -- I just didn't actually roll out of bed until after he had left. The plumbers showed up sometime after eight, when I had already showered and dressed. I had used the leaking shower because I didn't think we had brought a curtain for our spare bath. It turns out it was a good thing I did, since the leak was very small and slow (we put a bucket down after they cut the ceiling yesterday, and after Andy's and my showers this morning it was bone dry), and if the tub had been dry they might not have found it.

Just as they were leaving I received a phone call from someone at Sandia. She needed to ask me some clearance questions about Andy, and since she was able to come to the apartment we didn't have to worry about juggling Andy's schedule and our one car. The interview went well and she likes his tessellations. Heidi tried her paw at helping the interviewer write, but fortunately the interviewer has three cats of her own and didn't mind.

I got the dining room table and the kitchen in a much better state than they've been in recently, and put a dent in the laundry. To cap it all off I put in three hours in KC today, and with any luck I got Scruffy Red adopted. Myrtice will have to go over the paperwork and everything, but so long as they keep up on their impulse, the big guy has a home.
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