March 3rd, 2004


This and That

I still need to get the pictures of the new lot up, as well as their names and ages. I'm catching up with housework since we had an abbreviated weekend. I got the coolest sleeve for Martinelli's today -- it's a double-insulated pouch which keeps the bottles from hitting one another. The cashier thinks it may also keep them cold.

Last Tuesday I bumped into someone stopped at a traffic light, and I let her use my cell phone. Today she called my cell phone using her backlog caller ID. Yay for technology; I hope she isn't a stalker type.

Yesterday when I took rent over Toby asked me if everything was ok, and I finally remembered to mention what we think was a leak in our ceiling, plus some loose sink fixtures. Today the maintenance guy came over. Fortunately he likes cats, because Heidi kept helping him out, and he said "No" whenever I offered to lock her up. He would pet her in between turning the wrench.

Anyway, it was a leak and tomorrow plumbers will be arriving. Then after they're done the apartment folks will drywall the hole and paint the lot of it. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Equity?