February 11th, 2004

Playful or silly

Reason I love callicrates #72185430785406

Scene: Tuesday evening; Clark's Pet Supplies and the shared apartment of Andy and Cat.

Characters: Andy and Cat.

Setting: Cat is on the phone with Andy.

Andy: Hello, Wilson's Pizza and Wizardry.

Cat: Hi love! I forgot to get the potatoes ready. If you want to eat sooner than an hour before I get home you'll need to put them in. I can tell you how...

Andy: I put them in ten minutes ago.

Cat: Did you cut off both ends, poke them with a fork, and wrap them in foil?

Andy: Stabbity stabbity stabbity!
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KC Update

The most eventful stuff happening in my life recently has been Kitty City. Yesterday we got in a teeny little furball named "Kid Rock". I immediately dubbed him "Kidlet". He's about ten weeks old and fairly rare for this time of year; kitten season is usually May-October. Of course cats can have litters outside of those months; it's just not as common. Most of our kittens currently are 6-8 months old. He's definitely a lap kitten when I'm there, although I've heard he's a little hellion in the morning.

Yesterday a woman came in. She's always wanted a tortie, but one was never available when she was ready to adopt. She immediately fell for Lani and Maui, especially when she heard their story. Unfortunately she has a 20 year-old cat, and she's afraid bringing in two new cats would push her over the edge. If the two haven't been adopted by the time that happens, though, I think they'll have a home.

Today a couple came in, looking for a kitten/cat. At first they wanted to see Lilly, and she will probably not speak to me for a few weeks because I pulled her out of her hiding spot. It was immediately obvious, however, that she is still very close to true feral. Then came the parade of the orange or partially orange cats glomming onto them. First up was Rhubarb, who the guy really liked. Lara cuddled up to the woman, but then she started antagonizing Lilly, and they decided she was too aggressive. Side note: they have a German shepherd-mix ten-month old puppy who's terrified of cats, so they want one who is small and nonthreatening. That took care of Rhubarb and Lara.

Honda, who was about as feral as Lilly was when he first arrived in December, really really really turned on the schmooze for the woman, and charmed the socks off of her. Unfortunately Myrtice (whom I'd called when they mentioned wanting to adopt tonight) noted that Honda is one of Monica's fosters, and she doesn't want to let her cats leave the immediate area. The last time she did (I believe it was Blackberry, Shadow's sister and lifesaver) the people refused to return Monica's calls, and she's going crazy with worry. Myrtice doubted she would agree to let the two take him back 3.5 hours away. Kidlet also took a turn on her lap, but PACA is fairly strict about younger kittens needing to go with another kitten or having a cat at home to play with.

Seven o'clock rolled around, and Myrtice enticed them over to her place to look at some of the cats she had. They had been considering Isis (pure white) based on pictures and profile. The ended up with Mikey, who is (drum roll, please) orange and white. As soon as they walked in the door he began head-butting them and begging for scritches. This doesn't surprise me in the least, he was a sweetheart.