February 3rd, 2004


Another Two Days

Not much happened between yesterday and today. I went to check our lot and the frame is slightly added onto, while there are outer walls, albeit of particle board or something equally or even more flimsy. There are huge ominous warnings about how bloody flammable the boarding is. I forgot to give Andy the camera when I got home, so no pictures yet. We got snow, as in a fall which even upstate NYers would call more than a flurry.

Lani, the shyer of the two torties currently in KC, has been very much a lap kitty. Her sister Maui likes to sit beside me, and every once in a while will half-climb onto my lap. She also likes to bite, and sometimes a little roughly. There was a new kitty today, poofy and huge orange Rhubarb. Picking him up was sort of disconcerting; he looks like he should weigh a heck of a lot more. He likes being picked up, and even staged an escape attempt so I'd have to grab him.

On January 1st we let Heidi roam at night, but we had to close her up in her room after a few hours because she was still too hyper and playing too roughly while we tried to sleep (ouch). We decided to let her out again on February 1st, and she was fairly good. We let her out again last night and aside from some nibbling this morning she was fairly good. I'm thinking I'll let her out again to see if the trend continues. When she's not being unsuitably playful she's very sweet -- she likes playing Cave Kitten of the Covers while snuggling and providing her own soundtrack of purrs.