January 29th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Nice Calm Day

I did a ton of laundry which still needs to be folded/hung. I also compiled a list of countries whose TLDs I'll be blacklisting, based on the scientific method of looking at the TLD of every spam I received and writing it down if it was two or four letters (I blacklisted .biz days ago). False positives have disappeared since I upped the whitelist value. I'll need to be careful if I order from new folks, though.

KC was abbreviated. Andy dropped me off at 18:15 or so, although he came in long enough to say hi to the kitties in general and to meet Gigi. After he left I brought Joe into the city; he's been banished for picking on the other cats when he doesn't realize people are watching (Monica confirmed this by spying through the windows), but when he knows we're there he behaves. I figured he should get to run around for a few minutes as long as he behaved, and he did. Gigi, meanwhile, played with my pencil as I did crosswords and then fell asleep on my lap. She also played shoulder-vulture for a bit. Darn that little ball of fluff.

After dinner I read old Usenet posts I made before quitting cold-turkey in 1998. Andy asked me to come sit with him when I came to a stopping-off point and I did. He watched a screen capture of someone beating Super Mario <mumble> and being very silly while doing so. I have watched as I did crossword puzzles and snuggled up to him. Keeping the heat low not only saves on bills, but it makes cuddling so much nicer as well. Talk about win-win.