January 28th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Random Stuff

Today when I logged on callicrates asked what I was doing for lunch, and I said "Nothing". It turns out that his meeting for today was cancelled, and since he usually goes out to lunch with the group after the meeting, he hadn't brought lunch. So, I got dressed up in a pretty blue skirt and blouse and we went on a date to a Chinese buffet place. Then he dropped me off at home and went back to work. I got my usual work done and also managed to clean off two counters and the stove so the kitchen actually looks almost decent again.

A few days ago I noticed the answering machine didn't pick up, and yesterday when I rang Andy he was upstairs and didn't get down until after eight rings, at which point I'd hung up. The answering machine's highest number of rings is four. I've run the general diagnostics and it seems as if it might be headed for the great paperweight collection in the sky. So today in the mail I got a $10.00 off an order of $100 or more offer. The phone we had decided to get a while back costs $110.00 and the shipping is free. We may just get it, since our answering machine picked now to die.

I had an interesting experience at Kitty City today. Now, in the past I've come to love several kitties; Bianca, Captain, Dr Z, Evian, and Shadow, and Trent among them. However, I've only had the "reach out and tear out your heart" types three times before: Thena, Gail, and Heidi. Tonight Gigi, the newest kitten, managed to pull it off. She could not have pressed more of my instant-fall-for buttons if she'd had a script. Sniffle.