January 25th, 2004


Weekend Update

Yesterday I slept in, or maybe slept myself out. Whichever way, I didn't get up until nearly 16:00. By the time I showered, got dinner ready to the point that Andy could put it in for it to be done by the time I got home, and did other random stuff, it was almost 18:00. I went to Kitty City and met Monica, who was getting two kitties (either Alvin and Simon, Alvin and Theodore, or Theodore and Simon) ready to go home. Domino and Keo went to a foster home so someone could monitor whether they were eating or not, and we had two new kitties: Wendy and "Joe Kitty". Their pictures are up here.

When I got home we ate yummy Ah-So pork chops with potatoes and green beans, and then I did laundry by way of procrastinating on my exercise. I finally did get around to the exercise, going three miles in under an hour. I watched my newest Weird Al videos DVD, and Andy stayed up to watch it. "Bob" is amusing once you figure out what Al was up to. The other two new videos were fun, especially since we really listened to the lyrics for "It's All About the Pentiums".

This morning I got up when Andy did, had coffee and a wheat-free English muffin, then showered. We went to look at the lot, wherein we discovered the setup for radiant heat. It's funny; the lot across the street, which was started after we already had drywall, now has its foundation poured. It is beginning to look as if ours will be the last house to be finished, especially if the radiant heat on the second floor takes up as much time as that on the ground floor. I am not complaining, though. After all, we have a lease until mid-July, so it's not as if we'll have to live in the car or anything.

Kitty City was quiet. Shadow bit a woman who wouldn't leave her alone, which made me immensely happy because the woman ceased to be interested in Shadow. I don't know that PACA would let them adopt since they have a one-year-old and indicated they might want to declaw. They did end up liking Lara, though, which is fine by me. She's sweet and playful but not rough, so she might be able to work out with a one-year-old child and a just-over-a-year-old playful Akita.

We had cod and chips for dinner while I worked a bit on the gallery, which I've been neglecting. Then Andy and I sat under a blanket on the couch and talked for a while. I'm having trouble staying awake, so we're going to call it a night.

Oh, and we had precipitation today! First it was sleet, then poofy snowflakes, then on and off snowflakes for the rest of the day.
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