January 23rd, 2004



I don't know if I've ever explained it before, but Andy has a great schedule with Sandia. He works for nine hours a day Mon-Thu, eight hours on one Friday, and the day off every other Friday. This week was the work deal, so we didn't get to the lot. Since we haven't yet received e-mail from Centex saying that the current phase is over and the one which happens really quickly has begun, this wasn't a problem. We'll go visit tomorrow and see if it looks as if anything's been done. They may be waiting on the inspection, or maybe Pam is being picky about declaring any phase as done.

After Andy got home we spent some brief but wonderful together time, then I went to KC about long enough to give Domino her anti-biotic, take attendance, and pet all of the kitties a few times. When I got home Andy had put the potatoes and pork chops in, and I cooked green beans to go with it. I managed a "no-wheat" day today; it should be interesting to see how this effects me tomorrow.

Once we finished dinner we headed to echoweaver and her husband's game so Andy could abuse us. The world we're playing in and Albuquerque are still standing, as is our apartment after we left the kitties alone for so many hours (the humanity). We have a new player, wolfsamurai, though for today he was just watching and reading the GURPS rulebook. He'll be discussing character ideas with Andy and hopefully he can be worked in at some point in next week's game.

Today I tweaked some scores, apparently successfully. I picked two particularly annoying spams which were constantly missed, checked their headers to see what Spam Assassin thought of them, and then made five tweaks which ended up getting both of them plus, as a bonus, a third one which had been bugging me, just not as much. The big thing now is to see if the new scores create any false positives.

An old annoyance, vmadmin/virtumundo, reared its ugly head again. I hadn't received any spam from them in the month or so I've been monitoring spam, so I foolishly thought they'd maybe gone out of business or something. No such luck. At any rate, I added them and a few TLDs to the blacklists and added a bunch of specific addresses to the whitelist. I just hope the whitelist starts kicking in. I may also try to find some more rules to trap other spam, and perhaps try to figure out why recipes still aren't working.

Right now, though, I have to appease the kitties lest they knock over anything not bolted down. Heidi has really laid off on the biting recently, which makes me very happy. Gail, as usual, is sweet and affectionate, but not a lap kitty like Heidi is. The adoption I was hoping would happen today either didn't, or occurred after I left for the night.