January 15th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Not an average day

Note to the couple who visited KC yesterday, in case you're reading this: Monica thinks Seven may be there for the Saturday adopt-a-thon. This isn't a guarantee, but she seems to consider it very likely. It might be because I asked about Seven when I finally met her foster mother the other day.

Today I did something which seemed important at the time, but I've forgotten what. In between Andy and I pulled out some old characters and RPed them on our living room MUSH, then continued it when he got home from work. It was very nice.

Afterward he dropped me off at KC and went to his doctor appointment, and life got interesting. A couple (I'm not sure if they're dating or married, but they're definitely SOs) came in, and the woman fell for every cat in there, but Domino really fell for her, and she kept going back to Domino. Then Keo, for the first time in days, came down from her perch and started vamping. They took home an application for adoption and one to give the woman's mother, who might be interested in fostering.

Just as a man and his daughter and a little boy who is with them often and may be a brother or a friend came in, a Clark's employee came back and said some people were outside with a cat. The adult or maybe older kitten is a black shorthair with yellow eyes, and was not about to let anyone check its sex. It was obviously terrified but not at all vicious; it's not its fault that I wasn't wearing shoulder protection, and it never tried to bite. The two women turning it in found it on their proverbial doorstep with a 1/4 bag of Wal-Mart brand cat food. It was still wearing a black safety collar with a bell, and looks healthy. I left a note suggesting the name "Onyx". It's in an isolation cage with dry and canned food, a litterbox, and fresh water. It has a tent which it hid in immediately, and a feather boa someone donated as a toy. I hope it's ok.

Andy's Granddad has had several very welcome quiet days. It looks like the first and the more antibiotic-resistant of the infections is gone, and the second seems to be better under control. He's doing physical therapy twice a day, and can now sit up again for short periods of time.

I did a meme today and, without trying to throw the results (actually I liked it because although some of the questions were obvious, many were not), and I came up as a neutral good Elven Ranger/Bard. I was a bit surprised at first, but the results also give statistics, and it was a very close run between Bard and Druid. I guess this isn't the meme which will shock everyone who thought they knew me.