January 14th, 2004

Serene or contemplative

Brief Update

Today was mostly routine, except for the folding of about six loads of clothes. Gail is a very sweet and cuddly cat, in case I haven't mentioned it recently. Heidi may finally be learning that biting noses and chins is not acceptable... let us pray. Pippin is worrying me; the little guy's eye kept having goop in it yesterday, and today there was no goop but it was constantly tearing and the lid seemed to be inflamed. I left two messages for Monica about it. I was able to give Domino her medication, and this time I'm pretty sure all of it made it into the cat (as opposed to my clothes, the furniture, on other cats, etc).

I did do one thing out of the ordinary. I've been meaning, for a while, to create a counterpart to customers_suck. Between Monday and today I set up (well, not much. It's pretty bland) great_customers.