January 13th, 2004


Very uneventful day

I got up after Andy had finished showering, did some web searching for various stuff, went to my weekly appointment and did time at KC. I managed to medicate Domino without decorating myself or much of the furniture. Dinner was a pork loin roast with potatoes done along. Next time I need to remember to have the roast when I can monitor it as it cooks. The roast is fine, but many of the potatoes are blackened, and it had nothing to do exotic cooking. Those which survived had a great flavor though, and we have enough roast for tomorrow (I can make mashed or some other sort of potatoes to go along), so overall it's not too bad.

I have discovered what I am going to be drooling over for a big trip we take in the future, like on an important anniversary or something:

One heck of a light show.