January 12th, 2004



Starting today I'm trying to get up when Andy does, in hopes that getting to sleep will work better than it did last night. I technically got up when he showered, so after he did, but I figure that's close enough. Today, aside from catching up on laundry, I did a lot of research on Xeriscaping. I don't by any means have our postage stamp decoration laid out yet, but I found a lot of leads. I'm also trying to figure out why my Spam Assassin blacklists work fine, but none of the recipes I've stolen or written are working. That's for tomorrow. I also need to work a bit on the gallery. I've already forgotten quite a few of the kitties' names from Oct-Dec.

Kitty City was nice and quiet tonight. Of course, since I wore my uniform, Monica had medicated Domino already when I arrived. Oh well, at least the cotton candy pink washed out of the pale blue shirt I was wearing yesterday.