January 10th, 2004


Not a whole lot

We visited our lot today. It looks like plumbing is at least started, though it's not clear to this lay-person as to whether it's finished and awaiting inspection or just started or somewhere in between.

It turns out Suzuki has ringworm, and all of the scratches were self-inflicted. Shakira had to go home today, as did little Dirk, who appears to have an upper-respiratory infection. There's a new guy, Siamese-cross Pierre, and orange-and-white Evian is back. The adopters kept refusing home visits, so Monica finally told them to allow one or the contract was unfulfilled. I also met the woman who rescued Captain but isn't currently fostering him. She is fostering Seven, however, and according to her Seven isn't trying to nurse as much any more. I'll still wear my uniform if/when she comes back.

I got some more loot from Andy. This time it's a cute little pair of earrings shaped generically-enough like pawprints that they could be cat or dog. Yet another piece for my PACA uniform.

I spent most of this evening looking up Spam Assassin stuff. Thanks to gconnor I now know how to make it play nice with procmail, although I'm going to see how my first set of blacklists do (does?). I also have some snail-mail addresses to teach Spam Assassin, but that can wait until tomorrow.