January 9th, 2004


Mostly mortgages, moggies, misc

I got the general laundry/dishes done today. In fact, I'm now more or less caught up on laundry. I wrote to buy.com last night inquiring about callicrates' final Christmas present. They actually answered with 12 hours. Sadly the answer was that the release date was pushed back with no further info. I also put all of the spam I started collecting in mid-December into a single file. It has some 3000 messages which the Bayesian filter is currently learning on all of the accounts in which I receive mail. About 2000 of the messages were from two e-mail accounts; and maybe 400 were on four others which I rarely check.

Today I rang the folks recommended by my doctor on Tuesday. I spoke with a very nice woman who took all of the information and answered my questions. When she mentioned discussing rates, I put Andy on the phone -- for something that important I didn't want to trust my trick memory. The rate she quoted was the lowest yet, which should give us a good range when we next talk to the Centex mortgage folks. Our house homepage shows no updates yet, though it's probably waiting for the plumbing inspection. The webpage is updated via Pam's Palm Pilot, and she only signs off on it when each phase is complete. We'll be going to visit the lot tomorrow. Other than that and my usual KC hours we have no plans.

Kitty City was, um, interesting today. As I was taking attendance I noticed that Suzuki looked pretty awful. Someone had done a number on his eye and his ear was inflamed. I called Myrtice, who said she'd noticed the eye this morning and thought the culprit was one of the kittens, since it was three claw marks too close together to be from an adult cat's foot. As I looked more closely I realized that a lot of cats had scabs, almost all of them in the spot just in front of one ear or the other. When I got Suzuki down to put some anti-bacterial ointment I noticed he had one in front of each ear. At that point I called Monica, his fosterer. She lives far away, but she decided to come check him out. I thought I'd overstated his condition somewhat, but from her reaction I may have understated. Given the uniformity of the spots in front of the ears I'm wondering if maybe it's ringworm or something. That, or whomever is doing it has a thing against that part of the head.

When Monica arrived, she had two carriers, and I quickly noticed they were occupied. She'd finally convinced (gorgeous wonderful timid-but-gets-along-with-everyone gray and white) Shadow to get into one, and she tricked (black shorthair trickster) Licorice into the other one by pretending she didn't care, at which point Licorice of course had to explore. It will be nice having Shadow with me again, though now I'll have to worry she might get adopted again.