January 8th, 2004


I thot this month was...

Today was nicely bland. Not much happened, which is fine with me. Andy had a doctor's appointment today, and rather than have me miss KC altogether (it's across town and the doctor is notorious for going over on appointments, but she's an excellent doctor who lets appointments go over if she feels the patient needs more time), he would drop me off at KC early. Myrtice was there, along with a woman. Myrtice mentioned that someone had found out about PACA from the web, but I didn't make the connection. Actually, the woman looked vaguely familiar, so I figured she was one of the other volunteers.

Myrtice and I discussed a few things, mostly catching up since I haven't seen her in person for a while. I don't know if I've mentioned recently, but no one has seen Domino eat since she was turned in, just after Christmas, and they've even tried things like chicken which most cats can't resist. She has lost a lot of weight and is really skin-and-bones. Monica is going to take her to the vet tomorrow to see if it's a toothache or sore throat or anything. Myrtice thinks it was just depression. Anyway, it turns out the woman was, indeed, interested in Domino and Keo together. Keo was being her endearing Siamese-cross self, and Domino was pretty much being a shoulder kitty; first on mine, then on her potential adopter's. There were other people there to play with the other kitties, so Domino was getting a lot of attention.

And then, after Myrtice had left and while the potential adopter was getting ready to leave, Domino began eating. She was picky, but she did chew and eat quite a few pieces. I was so happy that I called Monica. Anyway, Domino stopped eating on the floor, but then hopped up onto one of the shelves where we keep food and ate some more. Yay!

I got some more loot from Andy today; a DVD I'd forgotten about but thankfully he remembered, and three books by some guy named Phil Foglio. Andy was always annoyed when I typed "thot", but now he'll finally know where it came from. And I never got to see the famous scene, but they promise it's in book II. (Note to colubra: thank you for the offer of checking, and I'm still interested. I'm trying to track down an editorial which I'm fairly certain ran in a 1992 or earlier Dragon magazine). My final piece of loot for Andy was supposed to be released on January 6th but hasn't shipped yet -- I'll probably start sending e-mail inquiries tomorrow.