January 7th, 2004


Quiet Day

Today I did dishes and laundry and got to KC pretty much on time. The felines are definitely getting used to the fact that I come in, pet everyone as I say their name (unless they don't want to be petted, in which case I leave them alone), and then sit down and pull out my crossword book. I don't try to chase them or otherwise do anything to bug them, and I make great kitty furniture. Now if only Owen and Tom Clancy would stop being so afraid. Oh well.

Near closing time a mother and daughter came in. They fell in love with all of the kitties in turn, and I got good vibes from them, plus they answered the "How do you feel about declawing?" question correctly. They will probably apply for brothers Darryl and Dirk. While I absolutely adore those two kitties, I hope these two women adopt them. I have serious trouble not stuffing the two critters into my backpack and bringing them home, and removing the temptation would be a Good Thing.

One of the non-routine things I did today was pick up a faxed copy of our good faith estimate from State Farm. They work drastically differently from Centex mortgage. With Centex the rate is not locked in until N days before closing, so if Greenspan suddenly goes nuts in the next four months we could be looking at something much higher. State Farm, on the other hand, allows people to lock in a rate immediately upon receipt of a small retainer. Needless to say I didn't tell the State Farm guy anything one way or another since Andy wasn't there to discuss it. We'll probably see what Centex can do with regards to meeting the State Farm rate or offering some sort of assurance with regards to lock in, and also what Sandia FCU and what the company my doctor recommended might offer.