January 6th, 2004


Not quite so routine

Today I got up, had coffee, did more laundry, and started the dishes. Meanwhile, Andy's workplace was very cold (uninsulated trailer + broken thermostat == icicle geeks) so he decided to work from home. I grabbed the car and headed over to State Farm to see what they could give us on a mortgage. I also got a written estimate for fire insurance so we can compare to the company affiliated with Centex. Then I mailed off our actual loan application to Centex mortgage and got some stamps.

I got home and was there long enough to change into clothes not so handily destroyed by kitty claws, then went to my standard 15:00 Tuesday meeting. The doctor I talked to recommended another mortgage place based on prior experience, though she doesn't know if they have particularly low interest, just good service. She also recommended we stay away from a few places which give really good rates but tend to flake out on closing day.

Afterward I went directly to KC. I usually go to the lot, but since I know the rough-in isn't scheduled until tomorrow and that they can't pour the slab until the rough-in is done, that any stuff done on our place would have been minor/cosmetic (like, say, picking up litter). Pippin is getting better slowly, but Monica and I are worried about Domino -- no one has ever seen her eat, and she looks somewhat emaciated. Sylvester actually came out from the litterboxes under the bench, though he holed himself up in a tent. He did venture out eventually, though. Keo came over several times to be scritched. Pippin also nurses, but only on clothes not being worn, and not nearly as often or as slobberingly as Seven.

Oh, and Andy transferred a bunch of pictures to the gallery, so I have new Kitty City pictures. The "Room Setup" album has the renovations done over the holidays, and the "January 2004" sub-album in the "Denizens" has all of the current residents.